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As one of the leading alternative payment systems on the internet, ClickandBuy ( is the preferred payment method for more than 7000 plus merchants scattered all over the world. With heavy hitters such as Apple iTunes, Skype, msn, Electronic Arts, Unicef, and a large number of popular online casinos, ClickandBuy’s credibility is sturdy and transactions that go through them are guaranteed safe and hassle-free.

Intended as payment for access to online services and content, particularly entertainment media related products such as songs, movies and creative license materials, Clickandbuy conveniently uses the traditional method of using direct debit or credit cards, invoice or prepaid accounts. The difference is ClickandBuy acts as an intermediary and provides an extra layer of protection between your personal financial details and the websites that you pay.

ClickandBuy will also help you budget or control your spending since you can only spend the amount that you load into your account. The possibilities and temptation for overspending are therefore curtailed if you set a specific limit on how much balance you will have per month.

As evidenced by the extensive list of high-profile and credible merchant sites that support it, ClickandBuy is very secure so your personal info and credit card details will never fall into the wrong hands. In fact, your financial data is only available to you and ClickandBuy, as third parties are not allowed access. Transactions and activities are also under 24/7 close monitoring by network specialists so any attempt at compromising a clickandbuy account is immediately curtailed.