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Direct Bank Transfer

Direct Bank Transfer is a method of payment used by those who would not want to use their credit card services or those who does not own one. This is accepted as the most reliable and sure way of delivering your money directly to your bank account. Most gaming online websites or merchandise sites only accept direct bank transfer to ensure payment and avoid any kinds of fraud which could happen with other payment options.

There are about three kinds of Direct Bank Transfer methods:

Personal or Over-the-counter banking

Online banking

Telephone banking

The first kind of process in Direct Bank Transfer is done by personally going to your nearest bank to make the required direct transfer of funds either in your local or international area. This is what is commonly known as person over the counter banking.

You could also carry out your transfer of funds online, wherein there are already a lot of banks which have online banking services and would allow you to deposit, withdraw or even check your balance anytime.

Another kind of direct bank transfer is through telephone banking. Depending on the bank, they would allow you to do your transactions on the phone. With their state-of-the-art voice recognition technology, they could easily and securely trace their client’s operation even without meeting them in person.

It is very usual and customary for your bank details to be asked. Bank details include Bank Name, Bank Address, Bank Branch, Bank Account Name and Number, Bank Branch Code and Bank Swift Code (which is a fixed code of every bank used for international fund transfers).