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E-check payments is actually considered to be faster than written paper checks. This is because of the fast and reliable electronic payment which could be transferred over the Internet in no time at all. This kind of online payment has been widely used all over the United States.

E-Check (Electronic Checks) is used exactly how a traditional paper check is used. The only difference is it is done through online which means more security, more reliability and more fast results. Through the operation of an E-check software, checks could be made by filling up an electronic check which contains the same sets of information found in paper checks. The capability to add a digital signature of the author is another unique function of E-check payments.

Online funds and payments are very safe due to high security measures provided for E-checks. They have unique public key cryptographs, duplication checkers, methods of authentication, secured digital signatures and certification procedures so that there would be any kind of fault detection in each area to further enhance the security level of online banking.

E-checks and paper checks are basically just the same. In the U.S., a law has already been made. This is now called as the Check 21 law which allows the processing and handling of electronic paychecks in all of their banks. The payment through the use of electronic checks are encouraged compared to conventional paper checks because of its easy use, lesser allowance of check frauds and high security due to various information which is first required to allow a valid E-check.