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EcoCard has been considered as one of the most recognized substitute payment solution for most online gaming websites. The growing need for enhanced security of stolen credit cards and other online frauds have been answered through the use of this online payment channel which would safely handle the transactions for you.

EcoCard utilizes a prepaid debit card online which offer customers and merchants the best internet technology and highest level of online security. They already have a growing number of participating banks in most countries of Europe, not to mention the increasing number of merchants online which has already accepted EcoCard as a trustworthy site.

For users and merchants alike who does not want to take the risk of credit card scams which have already proliferated in the Internet, EcoCard guarantees the highest protection level for your credit card identity and account details.

Their easy to use online interface could be friendly and fitting even to first time users of their site. EcoCard has guaranteed their customers with 100% fast, secure and low cost operation in the handling of their online transactions. Compared to other online payment community, EcoCard would even give you a lot of benefits when you start using their services.

EcoCard accepts all kinds of clients worldwide, in other words every one could apply. They have multilingual customer service from different languages all over the world. This is to guarantee customer interaction and answer customer problems and needs without limiting the communication between the service provider and the customers.