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Gift Card

Online casinos love to reward their loyal customers, and one of the ways they do this is through the use of loyalty cards such as bonus cards or club cards. These cards work through a point accumulation system – the more often you play, the more points you gain. When you’ve earned enough points, there are several ways you can redeem them – you can exchange them for cash, or you can use them to fund your casino account. You may also be eligible for other benefits such as special offers from partner merchants. To get a virtual bonus or club card, you will have to apply for one; there may also be different levels of loyalty cards you are eligible for depending on how long you have been a member of an online casino.

If you don’t qualify for a club or bonus card, and you don’t have a credit card, you can fund your casino account using pre-paid gift cards or vouchers. A gift card is a credit card with a certain amount already loaded into it; you can deposit this amount into your casino account. A voucher works in a similar way; you simply purchase it from a participating retail outlet for the face value. You will then log in to an online casino that accepts the voucher and type in the unique code on the voucher. You can deposit part or all of the value of the voucher into your account. These methods cannot be used to withdraw your winnings, which will be sent to you by check through the mail.