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Money Order

If you are an online casino player who has gone weary of using credit cards and other online transactions because of the security risks involved and because of the fear of being defrauded, you now have the option of using the MoneyOrder payment method in gambling online.

A MoneyOrder is a way of sending money safely through mail through a “prepaid check.” These MoneyOrder checks are sold at a variety of places: post offices, Western Union, some banks, and even grocery stores. A MoneyOrder however normally employs a cap of $1000. A MoneyOrder is secure because the person would either use a debit card or pay cash up front in order to purchase a MoneyOrder and just pay its cost of between 50 cents to 1 dollar, plus the amount of the said MoneyOrder. Hence the user doesn’t need to give any personal information, and the receiver of the MoneyOrder would not worry about bouncing checks and any other issues when it comes to collecting or receiving money.

You have the option to send out money orders locally or internationally. Normally, online casinos may be located anywhere, so if you are playing in an online casino not based in your country of origin, an international MoneyOrder should be your mode of payment.

Also remember that if you used a MoneyOrder in funding your online casino account, the online casino will send your winnings plus your deposit to you via check. However, in the event that your winnings have not exceeded your deposit yet, most of the online casinos will keep it first in your account wherein you can use that for more game play. Check your online casino user agreement first to have a clear picture of their rules when it comes to using MoneyOrder as a payment method.