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Money Transfer

A MoneyTransfer is another way of funding your account in an online casino. A MoneyTransfer can be made locally or overseas and offer a variety of options; it is up to you to choose one that is the most suitable for you:

A Cash Transfer is a type of MoneyTransfer which is the most popular when it comes to paying in online casinos. Normally, MoneyTransfer companies will give you the option of doing your transaction online making it really convenient for you. An online MoneyTransfer is of course preferred by most online casinos as money is transferred with just one click of the mouse. However, some transfer companies take quite awhile in completing their verification process.

Usually, the senders would get a MoneyTransfer reference number which they would have to pass on to the receivers for them to be able to collect the money. A proof of identification is also required before the money is released.

A Bank Transfer is another type of MoneyTransfer that takes longer than an online MoneyTransfer wherein you may either choose to do it physically or online. However, the banks normally have a time frame that they follow in transferring your payment into the receiver’s account.

It is up to you to decide which MoneyTransfer option you would want to use as a payment option in an online casino. Most gamblers use online transfers through the popular MoneyTransfer companies like Money Gram, E-gold, iKobo, Western Union, etc. What you have to consider would be the MoneyTransfer fees that you are required to pay and the fast and efficient service that your chosen company can provide.