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If you are after convenient funds withdrawal or deposit in online gambling, try using an e-wallet service such as Neteller. Neteller is said to be the market leader when it comes to providing its users with the best e-wallet service for online casino payments.

A great thing about Neteller is that there isn’t any charge or any transfer fee when you transfer funds using the said service. You just need to sign up with Neteller to be able to start using all that they can offer.

You just have to visit their website and complete the information in their sign up page. You just have to make sure that the e-mail address that you use to sign up with Neteller is what you use in all the online casinos or card rooms that you play in, because with Neteller, (unlike Paypal) you only have one e-mail account to use for your money transfer transactions.

The next step is for you to be “certified” by Neteller and you do this by verifying your bank account. You do this by faxing documents such as a copy of your passport or credit card, and also give your checking or bank account information. Neteller then makes small transactions of depositing into that account and then withdrawing what they deposited. As soon as your bank has registered the said transactions, you then verify your bank account by inputting the amount information in the Neteller website.

With those easy steps, you can start using the Neteller service free of charge except when you use a credit card to fund your account. The funds will be transferred to the online casino in two to four days, but you may choose a faster transfer but it comes with a fee.