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Online casino players want fast transactions coupled with the safety of their bank account information. Some have even grown weary of giving out their credit card or checking account information and would rather buy money orders or use an e-wallet service. Good thing there’s now a service called the PaySafeCard that boasts of instant funding of your online casino account plus the fact that you don’t need to give your personal bank account or credit card information. The PaySafeCard at present is only available to Austrian and German players.

The PaySafeCard is the first prepaid-card ever to be designed for use in online purchases. With the PaySafeCard, the user can deposit funds into a personal account at any given time. The simplicity as well as the security of the PaySafeCard method is becoming popular in Europe.

You may be able to purchase a PaySafeCard in post offices, banks, petrol stations, electronic stores, newspaper kiosks, etc. It is a method that is definitely safe and provides you with anonymity giving you more security as compared to other online casino payment methds.

The PaySafeCard payment option works this way:

First you have to buy a PaySafeCard in any of the places mentioned above. You have three PaySafeCard denominations to choose from: 25 Euro, 50 Euro and the largest being 100 Euro in amount.

Once you have your PaySafeCard, go to your online casino of choice and click on the button in the cashier page that says PaySafeCard if you want to start funding your online account. You are then automatically transferred to the Paysafecard page where you will need to enter your 16-digit PIN-code plus your password (optional—if you set one).

You will find your 16-digit Pin-code on the back of the PaySafeCard. As soon as you have entered the requested information, you will be redirected to the online casino site where you will see your account funded, making you ready to gamble online.