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With all the account hacking and fraudulent activities happening online, it is very important to have a payment method especially in online casinos that is both easy to use and gives the users an assurance of safety. A lot of online casino players now use Postepay for their online transactions because of the ease of use and the security of account it offers.

Postepay by Poste Italiane is a prepaid Visa Electron card that is characterized by being “rechargeable.” It is very easy to use because you only have to add funds into Postepay just like a debit card or a credit card. Postepay can be used for either depositing funds or withdrawals from your online casino account.

You may acquire a Postepay card in your city’s post office where you first need to present a proof of Identification plus your Fiscal code. With just 5€ you will get a Postepay card which you can use to purchase credits online, collect your casino winnings and the best thing is withdraw money from any ATM machine all over the world.

Here are the steps on how you can use Postepay in most casinos:

First, you have to visit your online casino and then enter the “bank.” The next step is to choose the payment option: Bancomat. You then have to select the “ Add your Card” option where you fill out the following information: Name and Surname, the 16 digit number of your card that starts with 4, your card name (in this case, choose Visa Electron for Postepay), the Bank Name (Postepay) and the expiry date found at the front portion of your card. You then have to select the “Register your Card” option. Now may start deposit funds into your casino; it’s that easy with Postepay.