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Reverse Withdrawal

Online casinos are very popular nowadays. And because of the growing fame, online gaming companies and institutions feel the need to increase the number of their affiliate banks and payment methods to fully accommodate their clients’ banking necessities.

Among the most accepted payment method, Reverse Withdrawal Request is the most unique. Unique in such a way that unlike other payment schemes, when you have already decided to withdraw your winnings and your transaction is on queue, you can’t use that particular amount to play or you can’t opt to have it deposited to in your casino or bank account. You have to wait until the withdrawal is complete before you can decide what to do with the money. With Reverse Withdrawal Request, even if you have already asked for a particular amount to be withdrawn, you can reverse your request and use the amount to play or have it deposited back to your gaming account while money is still in “pending” status.

How is Reverse Withdrawal Request done? The player has to log in to the deposit section and choose reverse withdrawal. Afterwards, he or she will be shown a list of withdrawals that are still pending. To complete the transaction, the player has to choose among the list which amount to reverse. This particular amount is then re-deposited to the online account enabling the account owner to use it for playing.

Most casinos offer this transaction free of charge, this way; players are more enticed to use this method over the other available payment schemes.