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Online casinos are indeed very popular nowadays. The ease of being able to wager or gamble within the confines of your own home might be the primary reason why people are getting hooked with online gambling.

Since betting and casino playing is done online, it follows that money processing should also be done thru the internet. That is the reason why those who maintain online poker rooms and casinos tie up with varying banking institutions. These payment processors take care of the players’ deposit and withdrawal needs.

One of the most popular today is the Solo debit card. This card is processed using the similar system that handles Maestro card. However, since the Solo debit card can be issued to kids 11 to 17 years of age, there are extra steps that vendors or online casinos have to take to ascertain that their client is above 18.

Dealing with deposits to one’s online casino or gaming account is easy by using the Solo debit card. First, the gambler would have to log in to his or her preferred online casino, choose the Solo icon or tab and answer necessary information. After submitting the amount that you want to deposit to your online casino account, the issuing bank will be notified of the transaction. Once the bank deems that the player has sufficient funds, then the transaction will push through.

Because it’s easy to use, more and more people are switching to the Solo card. Besides, this card is the perfect for choice for those who would want to limit their casino expenses.