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UseMyBank is one of the leading online banking payment systems and is being used by a lot of online casino services. UseMyBank employs a convenient transfer service that connects your bank account to the online service provider that you are currently using. Despite the seemingly “too good to be true” setting, UseMyBank is actually very secure and recommended by a lot of banks. It is also very easy and using the service is not very different from paying electricity or telephone bills online.

Implementation of the UseMyBank payment process is entirely on the online service provider’s side, and all you have to do to use it is login to their site, and choose UseMyBank as the preferred method of deposit. You don’t have to look far for available sites since those who do support it usually advertise it upfront, particularly online casinos (since they are the ones who benefit from the features of UseMyBank).

As for the features and advantages of UseMyBank, one of it is the reduced overhead since UseMyBank has no transfer charges and free to use. It is also very secure since your bank handles the transactions themselves, and will only give out your email address to online casinos or stores, which adds a layer of privacy to the financial dealing.

UseMyBank is currently only available to Canadian, Chinese and British Banks, but its popularity with large online service providers is getting the attention of other banks and it is expected that its use will be co-opted by more and more banks as the years rogress.