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Using a Visa is perhaps the most universal form of payment method known by most online casino gamblers then until now. VISA or Visa International Service Association is the world’s biggest electronic payment system and handles payments for banks, businesses, consumers, merchants, and even government agencies. Today, it holds 44% of the market share in credit card use in the United States.

Visa also tops the rank for ease of use. The online gamer would have to apply for a credit card at his or her preferred bank or financial institutions. Once the application is approved, the cardholder can now make transactions using the card. These purchases or transactions made in online games and casinos are termed as CNP or Cardholder Not Present dealings.

How to use the Visa credit card in online playing? The account or cardholder would have to sign in to an online poker room or casino of his or her choice. In order for him or her to start wagering, his or her online account should first be funded using the Visa credit card. On site, online gamers need top click on the Visa logo or tab. After filling out necessary details, like the card number or account number, security code or PIN code and expiration date of the card, etc. the online casino site checks with the issuing bank if the Visa that is being used for the transaction has sufficient funds. Once verification is successful the gaming account is instantly loaded with the specified amount, thus making it ready for casino playing.