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Blackjack Betting 101

Blackjack, or Casino Blackjack or 21 is so far, one of the most popular card and table games ever in casinos everywhere. To start the game, you, your fellow players and the dealer have 2 cards each. As the name implies, you have to have a hand value of cards totaling to 21 or closer to that value. Since you are playing against the dealer, you have to compete with him to get the value or closest to it, without going beyond 21 and in order to beat the dealer, you have to be closer to 21 than he, or she, is.

In order to come up with 21, or close to it, the cards on the deck each have differing values. The cards from 2 up to 10 are valued according to their face value. The King, Queen and Jack are valued at ten and the Ace is either 1 or 11. The Ace is granted with the 1 value in order to avoid going over 21, and if it is used as either 1 or 11 but does not reach the total of 21 it is called a soft hand. However, its value is not specified since when it appears along with the other cards in your hand, its value is always assumed to that which is your ‘best hand’.

Once all chips are bought and the bets made, the dealer will hand over the cards, making two passes to the players starting from your right to your left. Once he’s done with this, he will flip one of his cards to show you its face value. Take note that if you are in a shoe game, then you are not allowed to touch your cards and they will be dealt face up. If you are in a hand-held game, the cards are dealt face down, and you can pick the cards with only one hand and you must remember to keep the cards on top of the table at all times.

When you play blackjack and of course, bet, you have to have certain strategies that will help maximize your winnings and minimize your loses and most of the time Blackjack betting strategies are based on mathematics. The most useful and effective strategy is card counting a method of doing this is the Hi-Lo card counting. The player has to count cards by +1, 0,-1 basing on the face values of the cards being dealt. The player keeps running track of cards being dealt through it and can decide on how much he will bet based on the running count. This method of card counting proves to be very effective that table guards keep track of it too, making it illegal in casinos.

Another way of card counting is the Martingale betting system. This one is thought, and considered, to be a risky strategy since it lets the player double his betting up until the time when a winning hand shows up. This is based on the premise that although the player will have a string of small loses; the big win afterward is enough compensation to make of what money was lost.