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Blackjack History

Want to know where your favorite blackjack came from? Early historical accounts about the game’s origin is quite unestablished. Some say that Italians were the first to conceptualize the game. Others claimed that French invented the game and was played by French royal blood and aristocrats. Spaniards, however, had some historical accounts pointing to the ancient One-and-Thirty as the predecessor of blackjack. This game was recorded in an old Spanish book titled "The Comicalle History of Rinconette and Cortadillo", published during 1580. Other old card games like Terente en Quarente, Seven-and-a-Half, and Baccarat were also considered predecessors of Blackjack.

However, the earlier French game Vingt-Un which means "21", had the most solid claim to be called "first blackjack". This game made its way to American society during 1800’s and was at first considered to be a game played by just a handful of players. But by early 1910, the game named "Twenty-one" made its debut in American casinos and gambling houses, particularly in Evansville city in the state of Indiana, became enthralled with the game.

During that time, craps and roulette were the favorite games of the Americans. Gambling houses had to think of a gimmick like bonus pay-outs in order to lure players to play Twenty-one. One of the schemes was 10-to-1 hand-out when the player held a blackjack and an ace of spades. This particular hand was then named a blackjack. The name "blackjack" remained attached to the game even when the pay-outs were soon deleted. By the late 1900’s, blackjack was third in popularity after craps and roulette, and it didn’t take long for blackjack to claim the second spot in being one of the most famous games. Today blackjack earns the recognition of being the most popular table gambling game. Furthermore, technology made it even a bigger hit to online gamblers because the game can now be played and enjoyed in the internet.