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Blackjack Strategy

Playing blackjack either online or offline requires good decision making skills. Since the game is a highly researched casino game, you could trust those mathematical strategies for you to play in even terms with the house. If you want to prolong your ride at the table, the following strategies may prove to be useful.

First, try card counting. Card counting means keeping track of cards that are dealt, so that the person playing knows some information about the remaining cards that are still to be dealt and their value. Card counting works on the concept that some cards are good to the blackjack player, while others are bad. Taking note on the cards that have been played can determine whether the remaining cards are good to the person playing, and altering betting and playing strategy accordingly. Players who use the card counting method can decrease the edge of the house and steer the odds to his favor. How is this? If he sees that a deck has more high cards and the odds are on his sides, he raises the total of his bets so he can win more. But if he determines that deck would not be in his favor after all, he wagers the least possible bet so he loses less. Card counting also influences his decisions on when to do a hit, stand, double, and split.

Second is with the use of basic strategy. Considering that the casino has a large edge over you, this basic strategy will help lower its edge and increase your chances of winning. This strategy also helps in determining when is the good time to hit or ask for another card, and if it’s also correct time to stand. Furthermore, it aids the player in deciding whether double down or split is the appropriate move.

Basic strategy in blackjack is accomplished via the total points of the player as well as the visible dealer’s card. One should be also aware of the different variations of rules casinos impose on blackjack. Here are rules that are harmful to the blackjack’s player: Stay out in a certain casino if the pay-out is below the 3 to 2 mark. It’s not also advantageous if there is a rule that tells dealer can hit on the soft seventeen — that is, ace with a six — and if for two hands, you can only split once.