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Hole Card Rule Variations in Blackjack

Blackjack has always been one of the most excitement-filled card games in the world. Although its roots cannot be proved, experts point out that it may have well originated from Europe since it was first referenced, as far as historical records show, in the work of both a literary master and gambler, the famous Miguel de Cervantes. The game, explained in the story Rinconete y Cortadillo, was called 21, referring to its objective which is to obtain 21 points with no busting, with the ace card valuing at one or 11.

But where blackjack comes from is of little consequence to its legions of fans all around the globe. What really matters is how to win in the game. When it was introduced in the United States, blackjack was not as popular then as it is now. With technological advancements at their finest, casinos have introduced their virtual counterparts, a place where people can conveniently play their favorite card game without having to leave their homes. Online casinos have given players a brand new way of enjoying blackjack.

Of course, winning in online casinos doesn’t mean less work for the players just because the playing of the game itself happens by way of typing and clicking. If anything, players need to be more cunning if they want to beat the high-tech house. It is thus of utmost importance to learn the hole card rule variations in blackjack.

Like all card games worth playing, blackjack requires not luck (although its presence is most welcome) but skill. To understand the hole card rule variations in blackjack, players are advised to remember the fact that blackjack has many variants, owing to the fact that it has been played in various parts of Europe and America for centuries now. Evolution is inevitable. The primary points of differences lie on the rules for doubling and splitting, how the card dealer handles a 17-value hand, and on how the hole card is used. Of the three, the last one is considered the most vital.

After all of the initial cards in the game are dealt, the player has the option to make extra wagers in doubling or splitting. In the European version, the player decides to double or split without the card dealer making an inspection for a blackjack. If the card dealer does have a blackjack, the player loses the entire amount he has wagered on the double or split moves. In the American version, however, the player decides to double or split only after the card dealer inspects for a blackjack. In this light, the American version of the game poses an advantage on the matter of hole card rule variations in blackjack.

With this in mind, players may want to play in online casinos where the American version of blackjack is favored in order to turn the odds of winning in their favor. At any rate, blackjack promises an incomparable exciting experience that can reap big benefits for those who have given the time and effort to master the game.