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Money Management to Win Online Blackjack

Money management is a concept that is not exclusive to the game Blackjack, but it will definitely help. After all, Blackjack is among the fastest online casino games out there. This makes the risk of losing more money higher. The faster the game, the more money a player can be. Obviously, since Blackjack is largely a game of luck (without using card counting techniques, something that’s hard to do in an internet casino anyway), money management is the only strategy that can help players win.

So why is money management important in blackjack?

In a nutshell, Blackjack is a card game wherein the players and the dealer try to get two cards with a combined value of 21 points. Number cards are valued at face value, face cards are valued at 10 points, and ace cards can be a one-point card or an 11-point card. At the beginning of a round, a player gets to cards from the 52 card deck. He can then either stick with his initial cards or replace either or both cards on his hand. The player with a hand that has 21 points (or the hand closest to 21 points) wins. Players who exceed 21 points go bust and lose automatically. A dealer who “busts” loses to every player on the table.

Needless to say, money management is essential in this online casino game due to the absence of any possible techniques and the fact that Blackjack is a fast paced game, easily among the best online casino game of its kind. Money management, in a nutshell, sets the limit of the game. It will dictate when you should stop playing.

However, it’s not as simple as that. A player can actually use a number of money management tactics to utilize his funds properly and to ensure that he played to the best of his ability.

One such tactic is the positive progression money management style. Here, the player increases his bet for each round every time he wins and decreases his bet every time he loses. This kind of money management strategy allows a player to create a run first before going big on the bets. Also, the positive progression style does not require a player to have big funds for bets, since he only increase the bet after winning.

The negative progression style, on the other hand, requires a player to increase his bet every time he loses and decrease it every time he wins. Only players who can afford a big bankroll should employ this technique unless one wishes to cut his online casino gaming session short. However, this strategy allows for big winnings as it allows a player to earn back his loses easily.

Of course, the main component of money management is to set a limit. A player should set a limit of losses or wins he can have for a day. Once the player reaches that point, he should end the game. Money management will not guarantee victory, but it allows you to play competently and responsibly.