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Craps History

The biggest game today when it comes to money gambled is Craps. It is a simplification of an old English game labeled Hazard. The French called this old English game "crabs" and from this expression came the word craps, the popular dice game which we now know.

Craps history will bring us back to the time of European aristocracy during the year 1700. Members of the royal blood were the first to play it before it arrived in America through the French Louisiana colony of Arcadia. The first version of craps was developed in 1813 by Bernard de Mandeville of New Orleans. He simplified the Hazard game and this adaptation traveled up the Mississippi river on steamboats. Eventually, the whole of America became inclined to playing. A dice creator named John H. Winn improved the craps game so that people could play in favor of the shooter and in some cases, bet against the shooter. His modifications revolutionized craps, eliminating the effectiveness of fixed dice and making it possible for players to bet for or against the roller.

Delving deeper into the past, some believe craps to originate way back the time of the Holy Crusades. Soldiers of the Roman empire were said to play with pig knuckle bones formed into cubes and then they would "roll the bones" onto their shields to entertain themselves. Soldiers during World War II also used craps to entertain themselves to break monotony of war.

Technological advances today, such as the option of playing craps online, have contributed to the popularity of game. Using only two dice, the craps game caught imagination of the public and is featured in some films as a favorite of players, whether played in the back room or in casinos. Indeed, craps has been around for centuries and will continue to hold an important place in gambling tradition.