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Craps Rules

Initially, you might think that craps is a complex game but if the standard craps rules are understood, you will find the process easy to learn and fun to play. Basically, the game is about players betting on a shooter making their point or not making their point. Here is the lowdown on the basic rules.

First, the dice will be thrown by the shooter. This initial throw is called as come out throw. If the shooter throws a total of 7 or or 11, he immediately wins. This is commonly known as a natural. He makes an immediate lose, called a craps, if he throws a total of 2, 12, or 3. Any other total thrown is known as the player’s point and he continues to throw until he either throws his point again or he throws a 7.

If the shooter rolls his point first, he wins. He loses if he makes a seven out, which means he has thrown a 7 first. If the shooter rolls a winning dice combination, that is said to pass. Dice is missed in case the shooter throws a losing combination. You win with a 11 or 7 on come out throw if you wager your chips through a pass line betting space before come out roll or if the shooter makes his point. The house edge against you on this bet is 1.414%. Not bad odds in a casino.

The Pass bet is the most ordinarily used bet on table and is played by just about everybody. You could play this wager frequently and blend in with the play. There is no need to bet with the shooter, you could bet against the dice passing. The Don’t Pass betting space allows for this and you will have a house edge of 1.402%. This is because betting against the shooter would give a player the edge. Keep in mind that the stake of winning are slightly against the shooter. A bar 6-6 occurs when the Don’t Pass bet is undecided and when the player throws a 6-6. The bet neither wins or loses and the player who made the bet may withdraw it or leave it to be decided by subsequent throws. In some cases, though, tables bar 1-1.

There are casinos which would bar 1-2. You need to follow two things to make this (1-2 and 2-1) and when achieved, this doesn’t double the percentage; it more than triples the house edge. Barring enables the casino or House the edge on Don’t Pass or Don’t Come betting. The casino’s edge on a table that bars 1-2 is 4.40%. Once a natural, craps, a seven, or point is thrown, a new round is played as before, beginning with another come out throw. The moment that the shooter sevens out the dice pass to the player next to him or her, that person becomes the one to shoot anew.