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Craps Strategy

Craps is widely considered to be one of the most exciting casino games. It is very ordinary to hear a lot of clamor and whooping at a craps section, especially at high roller tables. Surely, you want to win and never get bankrupt after playing craps. Hence, here are some helpful craps strategies that you can consider to increase your chances of winning.

First, find the game and the bets with the best house odds. Since you can’t influence the result of a craps roll, this simple concept gives you a fair chance of winning considering simple craps bets provide the house with a small edge over the players, and you can reduce that edge further. Second, pick the ones that seem to be best bets.

Next tip is to add the invisible odds bet to the best ones. The reason is obvious: it’s not really expected for you to place odds bets. It almost knocks out any house edge. Then, place Odds bets on Pass or Don’t Pass; if possible, also on Come or Don’t Come after the point has been established. By placing a 2 times Odds bet, reduce house edge by 40 percent, all the way to approximately 0.6 percent. If you can chance upon 3 times or greater Odds bets, you can reduce the edge further.

Also, always consider to limit your bets to Pass or Don’t Pass. Try to always place highest Odds bets available. Although most of the time, the Odds bets remain concealed or are dependent on the house, keep in mind to put bets on Come or Don’t Come with the highest available Odds bets only when you are ahead. In addition, look at house edge when betting Pass or Don’t Pass as well as when betting Come or Don’t Come, and compare it to house edge when you place 3 times odds bets.