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A Simple Sic Bo Strategy – Types of Bets Discussed

Sic Bo is a casino game popular in Asian countries. Its literal translation is often debated because depending on who you ask, it could mean “precious dice’, “dice bowl” or even “big small.” Because of its Chinese origin, you can often see these tables in casinos in Macau and Hong-Kong. It can also be found in the Philippines, but is named Hi-Lo. But with the advent of modern technology, you don’t need to travel to these places just to play the game. Many online casinos’ now offer the game as part of their standard lineup. Sic Bo is a very easy online game to play. All you need to do is to predict what numbers will appear on the dice and placing appropriate bets on these combinations. There are 3 dice that will be rolled and this will determine whether your bet will win. There are different types of bets that you could play. The first one is a single number bet. Basically, you place a bet on a number and then you roll the dice. If the number you bet on appears on any of the dice, then the amount you bet will be doubled and you win the round. The second type of bet is the number combination bet. With this type, you place you bet on different combinations like 5 and 4 or 3 and 6 and again if these numbers appear on the dice you win the round. However for this type, a $1 bet will win you $6. The next type of bet is called the “total” bet. What this means is you bet on the sum of all 3 dice. Each total wins you a different amount. For example, a sum of 4 will net you $62 but a sum of 10 or 11 will only win you $7. Other types of bet include the double and the triple bet. A double bet means 1 number appears on 2 dice and a triple bet means 1 number appears on all the dice. These bets get you more money. But the odds of getting it are also quite slim. The last type of bet is called the low-risk bet. The reason why it is called that is because you get a 50% chance of winning a round. You can bet on “small” or “big”. It works the same way as the total bet because you sum up the numbers that appear on the dice. You win on the small bet if the sum of the dice is number from 4-10. The big bet wins if the sum of all the dice is from 11-17. Now that you know all the types of bet in Sic Bo, you may be wondering what type to bet on. Like any other casino game available, Sic Bo works on the concept of luck. Although a lot of players try to come up with strategies to beat the system, luck still wins overall. If you are a low-risk place, go for the small-big bets. Odds of winning are highest when you bet on it.