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Caribbean Stud Poker in Online Casinos – What it is and How to Play

Anybody who has played 5-card Stud Poker will instantly be familiar with Caribbean Stud Poker. The difference between the two is with Caribbean Stud Poker you play against the house, with the 5-card Stud Poker you play against other players. Also, there is no bluffing or guessing involved with the Caribbean version. This is probably the biggest reason why people love playing the game. Even in online casinos, this game can draw a huge number of players.

The rules of the game are very easy to learn and understand. The player needs money and knowledge of different poker combinations. Before the start of a round the player bets an amount of money called the ante wager. If there is more than one player on the table, the dealer waits for all bets to be placed. Once that is done, all players get 5 cards face down. The dealer then deals himself 5 cards with 4 of them faced down and 1 card faced up. At this point, strategies come into play. The player looks at his or her cards and then decides if it can defeat the dealer’s hand. If the player thinks they can beat the house then he calls a “raise.” This means the ante wager is doubled. If however the player thinks that they cannot beat the dealer, they fold and then they lose the entire ante wager and the cards they were dealt. Once all the players have settled their hands, the round is done. You basically repeat the process until either all your money is lost or you cash in your winnings.

Because the rules are simple, the strategy in winning at Caribbean Stud Poker is also simple. It is said that the basic strategy in Caribbean Stud Poker is to never fold a pair (or a higher combination) and always fold any combination that does not have an Ace and a King. The Ace – King combination is probably the trickiest combination to play with it. If played correctly, it can reduce the odds of the dealer from winning. So here are some tips to remember when you are dealt with an Ace – King hand. When the face up card of the dealer is an ace or king and you have an ace, king and queen or jack, you should raise because you can block a possible pair combinations by the dealer. If the faced up card of the dealer is a 2 till 5, raise your ante as you have a better chance of winning. These are just some of the playing strategies.

However, as with most gambling games, luck can still play a very vital role. For example, if you are dealt with a Full House, there is still a chance that the dealer might get a Four of a Kind or Royal Flush. These card combinations will beat the Full house anytime. So it all boils down to your personal hunch. Which is basically the true essence of the word gambling.