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Casinos Everywhere

Casino all started when the French invented playing cards in 1387. The word Casino is actually an Italian word and means “little house”, which is contradictory to the present day casino houses that are extravagant and big. From the small houses casino gambling industry has become one of the biggest businesses in the world. There are already many countries that have casinos and it has become worldwide. Now, it has even conquered the Internet industry and online casinos are already rampant in the Web.

Even with the presence of the online Casinos, there are still many individuals who still prefer to go to land casinos. No one can ever resist the great feeling inside the deluxe casino houses with the lights and the view of other people waiting to spend their money in games. All over the world there are many casino houses found in luxurious hotels. Some of which are open to the public, while some are only accessible to its members.

One of the most popular places for Casino is the Las Vegas strip which started in 1941 under the name, El Rancho Vegas Hotel-Casino. In 1995, it became more dynamic when it entered the online community. First online sports books and casinos were launched with the aid of the Internet. Along with the expansion of the Web, the Internet gaming business also expanded, and as there are several thousands of land casinos, there are also several thousand websites that offer online casinos.

There are already many casinos in the world. And even the James Bond movie, Casino Royale was a hit worldwide. Before, casinos were popular in Las Vegas. People even travel and go there just to play casino. But now, there are many international casinos.

Ten of the most famous casinos in the world can be found in different continents in the world. One of which is the famous The Ritz Club in London, United Kingdom. It is an exclusive all-member casino where elegance and sophistication are the prime concern of its design. Another casino house is the Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas. It has an underwater theme where one can still enjoy the corrals and scuba dive, or snorkel if a person is broke. The Venetian in Las Vegas and the Bellagio are 24-hour casino hosting every game imaginable.

The St. James Club in the Caribbean has a Vegas-style resort while the Mandarin Oriental in Macau, China has two independently managed casinos. From the looks of the hotel and the casino one cannot deny the affluence of the crowd. Found in Russia, is the Casino Metropol, the world’s classiest casino.

Casino Baden-Baden in Germany is known for its beauty and luxurious appeal of its façade. In addition, the Sun City Resort in South Africa is a massive resort that makes up the border of the Pilanesberg national Park while the Casino Monte Carlo in Monaco is known for its world-class extravagance and nobility.

There are many other casinos in the world. It can vary from small to very large casino. They also vary in the type of people that comes into the place. Whatever the casino may look-like, the people are still drawn to it with the entertainment one can get while playing games.