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High Roller Bonuses at Online Casinos

High Roller Bonuses at Online Casinos

There are two types of casino players: casual players and high rollers. Casual players are great in number, but they do not wage big amounts of money. In fact, casual players are probably the ones who merely play simple games like slots, roulette, or bingo in an online casino. High rollers may not seem significant in number, but what they lack in number they make up through their big wages. They play practically every casino game, although they usually gravitate towards high stakes games such as poker and blackjack, among other card and table games.

Because of this classification, many wonder: is it fair to give high rollers and casual players the same bonus in an online casino. The answer, of course, is simple: no. This is why there are high roller bonuses in internet casinos.

As the term already explains, a high roller bonus is a type of promotion given to players who spend a lot of money playing casino games. There are different types of high roller bonuses, although they hardly vary from the usual casino bonus. At most, what simply change are the amount of money involved to get the bonus and the value of the bonus.

For instance, some of the best online casino websites offer different match point bonuses to casual players and high rollers. In a casino with no high roller bonus, a player who deposits 100 dollars and a player who deposits 1,000 dollars will get the same match bonus (since even though the point of this bonus is to match the deposit of the player, it usually has a limit despite the bonus percentage dictated). However, with a higher roller bonus, the value of their bonus will be different. More than giving priority to the more moneyed players, high roller bonuses simply give out the bonuses high rollers deserve.

Another form of bonus for high rollers is the unified bonus. Here, the initial deposit is not the basis for the bonus. Rather, the casino will add the amount of the player’s first few deposits. If he player reaches the amount, he gets a higher bonus than the initial deposit/match bonus. For example, a casino will give a higher bonus for players who can 10,000 dollars in their first 10 deposits. This is a more sensible bonus package, since players can first test the efficiency and quality of the service of the online casino before they deposit big amounts of money.

Like the usual bonuses, too, a high roller casino bonus can either be cashable or sticky. Cashable bonuses can be withdrawn, but only if the players reach the play-through requirement. A sticky bonus, on the other hand, allows players to withdraw their winnings, even the ones from their bonuses. However, the bonuses cannot be withdrawn at any point.

Players who spend big in casinos should read online casino reviews to find the one that offer high roller bonuses. After all, if they spend big on their games, they deserve only the best rewards.

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