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Incentivized Casino Bonuses

Incentivized Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are perhaps one of the many reasons why online casinos are better than the traditional brick and mortar casinos. These bonuses are given to entice new customers and to retain existing ones. In any case, regardless of why an online bonus gives bonuses, what’s important is that they add value to the money players spend to play casino games. There are several types of casino bonus. And one of them is the incentivized casino bonus.

Incentivized casino bonuses are different from the usual bonuses given. The signup bonus and the match credit bonus are given as a matter of course. In the industry, they have become standards rather than real bonuses since practically every online bonus existing today offer the same bonuses. This is where incentivized casino bonuses are different. They are not bonuses that can be acquired through the usual means.

Of course, this kind of bonus varies from casino to casino. The main point of this bonus, however, is to reward a player for a certain action. By giving them an incentive for this action, the player is encouraged to do it again to receive the same bonus. High roller bonuses can be considered as an incentive bonus since they are given to players who do something beyond what is minimally required. For those who don’t know, a high roller bonus is given to people to deposit huge amounts of money into their in-game account.

Another type of incentivized casino bonus: money-back bonuses. Here, the player receives a certain amount of in-game credits when he loses a certain number of games or a certain amount without winning a single game once. Needless to say, this bonus is not an incentive for losing; rather, it is a bonus that gives players the satisfaction of losing less than what they really lost. A similar bonus is the accumulated credits bonus. In this type of bonus, the player gets a certain amount when he has deposited a certain accumulated value within a set period of time. Loyalty bonuses, where players get rewards for maintaining an active game account within a certain period of time, are also incentivized casino bonuses.

The referral bonus can also be considered as an incentive bonus since it rewards a player for making another player sign up for the service of the game provider.

Basically, the idea here is to accomplish or do a desired action. And as long as the player continues to accomplish the desired action, he will receive the bonus. This is unlike the signup bonus (since it is only a one-time reward) or the match point bonus (wherein the online casino simply adds value to your money; it does not reward players for an action). But not all incentivizes casino bonuses are extremely beneficial or useful. Take note of the withdrawal limit the bonus entails. For instance, can the player withdraw the bonus immediate, or is he required to use a certain number of credits or win a certain amount from the games.

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