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Live Dealers Casino Explained

Online casino websites are very popular recently. However, many players still look for the feel of an actual, brick and mortar casino. Playing in a casino, after all, is a social experience as much as it is a gaming one. The camaraderie that one feels during a game of craps, the tension during a game of poker or blackjack, the thrill in the air when bingo numbers are being called—these are details that a casino online cannot replicate. The game play remains the same (if not improved) but the experience overall is something not everyone can fully appreciate.

Live dealers casinos try to remedy this problem. Of course, even the best online casino cannot replicate the exact feel of a traditional casino. What it does is incorporate an element that makes it very similar to brick and mortar casinos: the live dealers.

In any usual casino, table games are facilitated by dealers. In craps, the dealer (commonly called the shooter) is the one who throws the dice that dictates the outcome of the game. In roulette, the dealer is the person who throws the ball into the spinning wheel. In blackjack, the dealer plays a more vital role, since all the players in a blackjack game are betting against the dealer. In most games, the dealer shuffles the cards and facilitates the online casino games.

So how is this used in live dealers casinos? A player in an online casino that uses live dealers will be able to use the dealer of the game through webcam. This means only one thing: rather than playing a simulation of the game, players actually plays a physical, although remote, physical game. Rather than a virtual roulette, players will see an actual ball and an actual roulette wheel. Bingo balls are really called from an actual draw. Actual craps table is used in a craps game with real dice and actual throwing.

A live dealer online casino is preferred by many due to one very important factor: players believe that a live dealer game cannot easily be rigged. In a virtual game, the odds are fixed by the casino, so it is possible that the games will not easily let players win. More than actual odds that exist in the game, there could be other odds in play. Of course, this is hardly the case these days, since internet casinos are very reliable today. But players still believe that it is a possibility. In a live game, the odds that exist are the ones inherent to the nature of the game.

But of course, the most important part of a live dealer’s casino game is the feel of authenticity. Players still will not feel the usual casino experience, but it is very close. For an avid casino player, playing with a dealer is different from playing a game with a virtual dealer. The human interaction and human skills that are at play make the game an entirely different experience. Therefore, it is best to check out online casino reviews to find out what casinos offer live dealer games.