Online casino games and sites reviews and internet gambling rules.

Online Gambling History

Gambling has been present in human civilization for many years and it has undergone many forms. War, cards, sports and even betting on who is going to get the girl – name it and gambling may be applied.

Before, leaders and imperialists have gambled with each other using their territories, riches and even spouses to see who will be sided by lady luck. From wars to auctions to board games, gambling never really left the hearts and minds of man.

Man never found the courage to disregard gambling, in whatever form, because of the thrill and excitement to receive the enormous prizes waiting in store for you.

With gambling being recognized and slowly accepted by society, the glamorous and fabulous casinos are not only found in Las Vegas anymore. Numerous casinos have popped out everywhere, catering to the entertainment needs of classy players everywhere.

When the 90s came in, technology improved and still is improving right before our very eyes. At the same time, the internet was introduced for public access. The internet has helped us in practically every single aspect. From communication to research to lifestyle and leisure, it made everything easier for us.

Gambling is not an exception either. Online gambling became a hit so fast that it raced across cyberspace and beyond.

Humble Beginnings

It all began in the year 1994 in the country of Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean. This country passed a law that made a legal jurisdiction and permitted for online gambling to proceed. Since then, this country has become the foundation of online gambling. Up to now, most online gambling companies are based in this country using the license granted upon them.

The first online gaming house was CryptoLogic, Inc. It began the first software for online gambling and ensured the safe and viable transactions through the internet. Other companies that helped in the development of such software were Microgaming and Starnet Communications.

In the Present and Beyond

ECOGRA or eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, is an organization found in the year 2003 to provide a safe environment for gamers to play in. Today, eCOGRA monitors and certifies hundreds of online gaming sites to ensure the safety and rights of players from different parts of the globe.

However, the world of online gambling was shaken when in September 2006, the Congress of the United States of America passed a bill that prohibited banks to process payments from the US citizens to online gaming companies.

This has brought down a great impact on the industry. In the total gamer population, a large percentage of it is coming from the US sector, and thus, it is a great loss.

At present, although online gaming is still surviving, it has been struggling to run through the major difficulty the restriction has provided. Almost 50% of the income is coming from the United States.

For as long as there are the big companies to catch the downfall of the online gambling industry, there is still hope to get back on its feet. After all, gambling has been with man for generations. Why stop now?