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The Differences of Download and No Download Online Casino

Download and No Download are two versions of software for online casino. Although both provide entertainment and winning opportunities, each has different characteristics and advantages.

Download Casinos are said to be better than the No Download version. Casino operators usually encourage the players to download the games to have a wonderful experience while playing online.

Powered by technology and software such as Microgaming, the download version offers richer graphics and superior sounds. The animation becomes smoother especially the spinning of reels in slot games and in dealing with cards in cases of blackjack and video poker.

The system associated with download version is more reliable, which prevents disruption and loss of connection. In the event of disconnection, the recovery feature allows you to go back on the game easily.

The launching of the casino game is relatively faster than the no download version. This will give you more time on playing rather than waiting for your browser to open the games. This version also has automatic game updates that assure you that you are not left behind by latest games online. You are likewise posted about the latest news and information regarding online casino.

Nevertheless, the higher quality of graphics and sounds requires more of your disk space. You will need 100 to 250 and more MB to be able to download the software. In addition, if you want to play using another computer, you will not be able to login to your player account. What you should do is to install the software in the computer you will use to be able to play.

On the other hand, the No Download Online Casino version is powered by Flash technology. Playing online casino requires only web browser that may either be Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

If you don’t download the online casino, the graphics and sounds can be a little boring and the animation is less sharp. But the good thing with this version is the non-installation of software to your computer. The no installation will work to your advantage because you are allow to play from any computer. And since there is no need to re-download the software, the start-up is easy and fast.

The no download version is a very good option for those who have slower computer with small memory and those who have weak internet connection. Although the process of loading tends to be slower than the download version, upon successful loading you can enjoy playing like any other players are doing with the download version. Conversely, if your internet connection is fast, the game will be loaded in a short while.

If you are not sure of what version to use when playing online casino, you can start with the no download version and experience playing. If you feel ready about installing the software and your computer improved, you can always download the games you are playing. But whether you choose Download or No Download version, their features are designed to give you a more enjoyable and entertaining gaming experience online!