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The Refer a Friend Gambling Bonus

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Casinos online offer numerous bonuses and incentives to attract new customers and to inspire existing clients to continue using their service. However, there’s another form of online casino bonus that awaits casino players – the one where a player gets a bonus if he can refer another player to the casino. This is aptly called refer a friend gambling bonus.

Refer a friend casino bonus works both ways for the casino and player. For the casino, it gives them an additional arm in promoting their service and increasing their clientele. After all, competition in the casino industry is tough, what with the numerous existing internet casinos today. For the players, this bonus gives them an additional opportunity to gain in-game credits beyond the usual casino bonuses such as the sign up bonus and the match point bonus.

The procedure for the bonus varies from online casino to casino. However, the basics remain the same. The player, needless to say, has to have an account in the said casino to qualify for refer a friend bonus. In most casinos, the referred friend has to indicate the name of the user of introduced him or convinced him to sign (this is done during registration; there is a specific field for player referrals). If the new member did not indicate any name, he does not get a bonus. Some internet casinos employ more complex procedures, wherein the existing player uses an account-specific link where the referred friend can sign for the service. Here, the referral is automatically credited to the player.

Naturally, the player needs to fulfill casino qualifications in order to get the bonus. First off, the referred player has to sign up for a paid account. A number of online casino providers offer free accounts that allow members to play free games without the need to deposit any money. Needless to say, casinos will only consider members who referred players who will play games that require the use of credits. Other casinos will only give the member a bonus if the referred player deposits a certain amount of money to his in-game account.

But what kind of bonus is involved in this incentive scheme? Players who successful referred a new member into the casino’s service usually get in-game credits. The value of the credits can vary from modest (50 dollars) to generous (500 dollars worth of credits) amounts. What kind of bonus it will be also depends on the online casino. It could be a withdrawal bonus or it could be a sticky bonus. A few casinos only offer free games as compensation for referring a new member, while fewer casinos offer credits that can only be used in certain games or game rooms. Meanwhile, some casinos even offer refer a friend bonuses that are as good as cash and are not restricted by casino withdrawal limits. Because of this, it is best if the account member of the internet casino needs to know what refer a friend bonus their provider offers.

Just the same, bonuses from refer a friend gambling scheme are quite useful. Every player should take advantage of it.

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