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Understanding Online Casino Payout Percentages

Like any other businesses, online casinos want a guaranteed return of investment. Their primary source of profit is the wagering of online players. Thus, the determination of payout percentage lies on the casinos’ own discretion.

Since there is no uniform standard for payout percentages, it is important to look for the casino that offers best payout percentage. It is one important aspect that you have to consider when playing casino online. Anyway, the payout percentages are normally listed on casino websites for easy comparison.

For the protection of casino players, there are laws and auditing rules that online casinos have to consider. This affirms the fact that although payout percentage varies in different casinos, there will only be slight difference in rates. But still, the slight difference matters.

Online Casino Payout Percentages refer to the rate that the online casino player expects to win. It is the percentile of money awarded to you as a winning player. The higher the payout percentage, the bigger prize awaits you.

The average range of payout starts from 90 to 92%. This is a good start for online casinos that have tendency to give away higher percentage. The reason is that they don’t have expenditures for maintaining real property which the land-based casinos ought to have.

Payout Percentages involve monthly computation. It involves mathematical calculations based on the total wages bet by all casino players. One of the commonly used formulas to calculate the payout is as follows:

Total Monthly Payouts divided by the Total Wagered during the same month equals Casino Payout Percentage.

To illustrate: For the month of January, the Online Casino has paid out $9,600,000 on bets of $10,000,000. The payout percentage for January equals to 96%. The percentage is the quotient of $9.6 million divided by $10 million.

So how do you determine the earning percentage of the online casinos? The difference between the payout percentage and the total bets will be kept by them. For example, if the payout percentage is 98%, then 98% of the total bets at the casino will be awarded to the winning player. The remaining 2% based on net wagering will be the retained earnings of the casino.

Different online games have different payouts. By knowing the payout percentage for each game, you will be able to determine on what game your money will be put at risk. But remember that casinos can change the payout percentage monthly so be wary for any modification.

To make sure that you are getting best payout percentage, look for a verification certificate. It is usually found on the home page of every casino’s website. This certificate guarantees the reliability of the online casino with regard to the normal payout percentages. The certificate should have been issued after auditing by independent accounting firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, eCogra or the Online Players Association.