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Understanding Progressive Jackpot Games

The jackpot of a casino game can be pre-determined or determined by the amount of bets placed on the table. For instance, in craps, if you play against the shooter and win during the first throw, you instantly double your money. In a normal slot game, your winnings will depend on the amount of credits you use. This same rule applies to online casino games as well.

However, not all jackpots work that way. There’s a special casino jackpot that is neither pre-determined nor directly dependent on bets. This jackpot is called the progressive jackpot. Games with this kind of jackpot are easily among the most popular games in a casino, whether online or in brick and mortar establishments.

But what exactly are progressive jackpot games?

As the term already implies, a progressive jackpot game is a casino gaming machine or table game wherein the amount of the jackpot increases for every game played. For instance, progressive online casino slots, the machines are linked. When you play a slot game here, the casino puts a small part of your bet to the overall jackpot of the game – the progressive jackpot. This means, instead of the possibility of winning 50,000 dollars or so for getting the top slot combination, everyone playing the progressive jackpot slot machine has the chance of winning the accumulated jackpot. When one of the players wins the progressive jackpot, the jackpot counter resets and the accumulation begins again. Video poker and slots are among the common progressive jackpot games in an online casino. There are also progressive roulette and craps games. The progressive blackjack is hardly different from the usual blackjack, except for the accumulative nature of the table’s jackpot money.

Of course, there are some requirements to follow in order to qualify for the progressive jackpot. Players should bet or play with a certain number of credits in order to get the jackpot. This minimum bet or credit play is definitely more than the standard bet or credit requirement for a game, but it’s definitely worth it. After all, progressive jackpots can reach from 100,000 dollars to one million dollars, depending on the game. If you do not use the required credits for progressive jackpot eligibility, you still contribute to the jackpot. However, even if you get the desired slot combination or card hand, you will only get the usual jackpot.

This is actually an advantage for progressive jackpot game players, since everyone contributes to the jackpot yet not everyone has the chance to get it. Besides the large jackpot, the novelty of these progressive games is also quite appealing.

Progressive jackpot games make an online casino exciting and more rewarding. Who wouldn’t want the chance to get a bigger jackpot? Not all casino games have progressive versions, however, so you won’t benefit from this jackpot if you prefer more basic table games with less complicated jackpot computations. But if you’re after the chance of winning big, progressive jackpot games can be your way to the big money.