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What Are the Different Online Casino Bonuses Available?

What Are the Different Online Casino Bonuses Available?

Casino bonus differs from one game provider to another. There are a number of common bonuses, although the actual use and how the provider executes the bonus may vary. In any case, it is important to understand the bonuses online casino offers in order to fully utilize them. A player sending hundreds of dollars per game account deposit deserves no less.

The no deposit bonus is perhaps the most common among the bonuses. As the term already describes, this bonus is given to every player who opens a game account—even if he has not deposited a single cent into his game account. The amount of the bonus is already predetermined and cannot be withdrawn instantly but this bonus offers a gamer the chance to check out the quality of a gaming site (since he doesn’t have to deposit money in order to play).

Another common bonus is the match bonus. With this bonus, the player will get an in-game money bonus depending on how much he initially deposits. An online casino that offers 100 percent match bonus, for instance, will give you 100 dollars worth of in-game credits if you deposit 100 dollars. A less popular bonus among gamers is the free cash bonus. This is basically a mix of the two previously mentioned bonuses. A player gets a predetermined number of points once he makes his first deposit into his game account. This bonus is not the most preferred since it doesn’t offer the cashless play of the no deposit bonus and the equal compensation of the match bonus. However, casinos that offer free cash bonuses are usually more lenient with play-through requirements.

Free casino games are not as popular as the cash bonuses, but they are useful just the same. As the term describes, free games allow players to participate in a casino game or play a certain casino game. There’s also the money back bonus. This bonus is a little tricky. To guarantee internet casinos are not merely scamming players by making them deposit money only to lose it in rigged games, they offer a guarantee. If a player loses a certain amount of money without getting a predetermined amount of winnings, the casino will give a certain percentage of their losing bet money back.

The sticky bonus, meanwhile, is a casino bonus where a player gets in-game cash that cannot be withdrawn at any point. Only when the player accumulates a certain amount of winnings will he be allowed to withdraw them. This clause, called the play-through requirement, is common to make sure players are not registering accounts in a game site only to get the bonus. Lastly, there are loyalty bonuses. This bonuses work different from one casino to another. Some offer loyalty bonus to players who have deposited a certain amount of money, while some offer it to those who have been continuously playing for a certain period of time.

These bonuses may not be much, but they’re signs that the online casino values its customers. It also adds depth and excitement to the gaming experience.

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