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All About Online Casino Slots

Slot machines or slot games are, without a doubt, the most played casino game ever. It may not offer quick winnings or intense game play, but it provides excitement that no other casino game can possibly offer. It is the game that represents what an online casino or physical casino is all about – the chance to win money while having fun. Invented during the late 1880s, slot machines were first designed with three reels and five symbols. The very first slot machine was called the Liberty Bell. And true to its name, the player has to get a straight liberty bell combination to get the game’s biggest jackpot.

Of course, today, the slots are very different mechanisms from their predecessors. And with the advent of the online casino, the slots game evolved into a more flexible and varied creature, giving players with more options many didn’t even think possible. But how are online slots different from the traditional, physical one?

In terms of game play, the internet slots aren’t very different. The objective of the game remains the same: the player has to get certain symbol combinations to win a prize. The top combination is needed, however, to win the game’s top prize. Just like the physical slot game, players can choose the credits he can use to play the game. The credits used on the game will dictate the amount the player will receive in case he wins the jackpot. Internet casinos also have progressive slot jackpots, wherein the main jackpot amount of the game is accumulated from the credits of the players until someone gets the required symbol combination.

What changed, however, is the look and feel of the online slot games. In usual casinos, slot machines vary in appearances. But in an online casino slot machine, it’s not just the look of the game that changed. Since it’s in a virtual setting, the casino can incorporate various rules and new game plays to make the traditional slot machine more exciting without removing the appeal from the game.

But the biggest draw of the slot game is its simplicity. Unlike blackjack and poker, two of the most played casino games, players don’t need to learn or understand complicated rules just to play the slots. All one has to do is press a button and wait for the outcome. There is no skill involved here at all; the outcome of the game is determined by a random number generator. The result, therefore, depends not on when or how a play times his play. Rather, it depends on when the player decides to play the game.

This doesn’t make online casino slots less entertaining. In fact, it’s more exciting because of the random results and the feeling of abandon a player experiences during the slot machine experience. At its very core, the slots symbolize what casino games should be—fun and exciting yet simple and accessible to everyone. At a time when many casino table games are becoming professional games rather than just leisurely ones, there’s the slot game that will welcome even the most uninitiated casino player.