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Difference between Simple and Multi-Line Slots

Online casinos offer a large array of online casino games that gamblers can choose from. However, one of the simplest is the online slot machine. Technically, the traditional slot machine is defined as a casino gambling machine with three or more reels that spins once the button is pushed. The resulting combination or combinations of the reels determines if you win or lose. Slot machines have been branded as “one-armed bandits” because some machines are equipped with levers instead of buttons and have the ability to leave the gambler penniless. Online slot machines are not entirely different from the real slot machines, except that there are variations that some online casino software providers have applied to make it more exciting and to attract more players with huge jackpots.

Online slot machines depend highly on computer operations. The computer utilizes step motors to spin each reel and stop it at a predetermined point. These step motors are powered by short digital pulses of electricity controlled by the computer. These pulses shift the motor a set increment with great precision. These online slot machines use the concept of a random number generator. This method ensures that each pull has an equal probability of hitting the jackpot and results are not pre-programmed. Two of the most common online slot machines are the simple or single line slot machine and the multi-line slot machine.

Simple slot machines are the conventional slot machines hosting three reels, with the payline at the middle. The symbols commonly used are bars or fruits, but with the online slot machines some online casinos make use of high quality graphics and symbols to make simple slot machines look more appealing. Some single slot machines offer at least three chances and depending on the mode of game play, can include a progressive jackpot. Single slot machines are considered the ancestor of all slot machines and the root of the term “one-armed bandit”. Wins depend on the arrangement of the symbols.

Multi-line slot machines are online slot machines that have more than one payline. This means that you chances of winning is significantly increased by betting one or multiple paylines. These multi-line slot machines utilize more than three reels and with online slot machines you can find multi-line slot machines with more than nine reels giving the game a total of forty-five paylines.  These slot machines are typically based on themes and feature scatters, free spin rounds, bonus round, wild symbols and sometimes, progressive jackpots. The player’s wins depend on the number of lines that he managed to get the correct combination. Multi-line slots offer higher jackpots because of the multiple paylines and some other additional decisive factors like wildcards.

In the world of online casino gambling, multi-line slots have overtaken the simple slot machines because higher payouts are at stake. Additional techniques to win are also available for multi-line slots and these slot machines involve larger bet amounts. Online casinos offer both simple and multi-line slot machines to gamblers in high audio visual quality.