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European Roulette Vs American Roulette – Which Has Better Odds?

There are a few differences between the European and the American roulette. Some say that one offers better odds than the other. Well, good news, this just might be true. Read on and find out for yourself.

The most obvious difference between the American and the European differences would be the number of slots on the wheel. The European roulette only has a 0, while the American includes a 00. Therefore, European wheels only have 37 slots numbered from 0 to 36 while the American wheels have 38 slots numbered from 00 to 36. Looking at these facts, one can conclude that the European roulettes offer better chances. There is a bigger chance that the ball will stop where you placed your bet.

In European roulettes, you have a 1 in 37 chance of winning. In American roulettes, you only have 1 in 38. Roulettes pay out 35 to in either wheel. Therefore, a player loses $5.26 dollars per $100 dollars in American wheels while they lose only $2.70 dollars per $100 dollars in European wheels. These amounts of money are guaranteed to the casinos. That is how the win profit from roulette games.

If hourly costs are compared, roulette games hold a fairly competitive edge. Players are meant to put in consistent bets throughout the hour. Bets are definitely lower than with the other games. They have a habit of piling up into lesser amounts. This way, players need to put out lesser money as well.

Also, roulettes are probably the most “mindless” games in any casino. Unlike with blackjack or poker, you do not need to actively about the next moves that you have to make. Roulette strategies are fairly simple for they usually just involve beating the odds. Once you master an effective roulette strategy, you will start making big money.

A normal blackjack game usually takes around 50 bets an hour. If there are fewer players, you will be required to make more. On the other hand, roulette averages at around 30 bets per hour. It also calls for a smaller amounts, thereby reducing your loses further.

Some roulette wheels and tables offer a prison option that lets players consider their bets to be “imprisoned” instead of lost. If the ball lands on where you placed your bet for the previous spin, you get your money back. However, you do not win anything. If it does not land where you originally placed your bet, you can then consider your money to be lost. This option is normally provided by European roulettes; thus, improving your chances further.

European and American roulettes also differ in the appearance of the chips that are given to the players. For American roulettes, players are given a stack of multi-colored chips. For European roulettes, they are given chips of the same color. The players and the betters have to rely on memory to remember where they placed their bets and how much money they put down. American roulettes win in this aspect because the chips are easily differentiated through appearance.