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Microgaming played a key role in the development of online casinos. In fact, it pioneered the development of modern online casino software. It is also one of the first software developers in the industry that ensured fair and safe online gaming. The efforts of Microgaming paved the way for the establishment of reliable and highly dependable online casinos. So here is a brief review that will give you a closer look on the quality of Microgaming’s casino software.

Widest Network Base

Microgaming has the most number of clients in the online gambling industry. Its fully featured casino software has been adopted by some of the biggest and most successful online casinos around the world.

Microgaming also earned the respect of the poker community. Its poker network consists of hundreds of online poker rooms. So in terms of network base, Microgaming has the widest adoption in the industry which says a lot about the quality and reliability of its software.

Game Performance and Variety

Almost all known casino games are available on Microgaming software from the slots machines and video poker to classic table games and specialty games. An online casino using Microgaming software can promise hours and hours of fun and excitement for you. You will never run out of games to play and each game category has several unique variations.

If you are a poker player, you will never get disappointed with the range of games available on Microgaming’s platform. Its software provides a rich variety from the standard Texas Holdem and Omaha to newer and more exotic poker variations.

Of course, Microgaming’s software will not become highly successful if it does not perform well. In terms of game performance, its online casino and poker platforms are the fastest and most stable in the industry. Microgaming clearly understands the intricacies of online gambling. This is the reason why its software is designed to run flawlessly on all types of computer platforms and major operating systems.

Safety and Reliability

If you want to enjoy fair gaming and ensure that your winnings will be awarded to you, then choose an online casino using Microgaming software. The integrity of Microgaming is unsullied and it is one of the most trusted game developers today. Most important of all, the software designed by Microgaming is built to prevent security breaches. So your privacy and your money will be safe from the prying eyes of hackers and cheats.

The establishment of eCogra, an independent body that ensures fair and safe online gaming, was made possible through the efforts of Microgaming. It is one of the co-founders of eCogra which ensures the safety of all online casino players.

Ease of Use and Quality

Simplicity is one of the trademarks of Microgaming software. Its online casino and poker platforms are easy to use and very user friendly. The graphics quality is simple and not too jazzy while the audio provides added realism to the games. If you want to fully enjoy online casino games and online poker, then Microgaming will never disappoint you in terms of ease of use, graphics, and high quality audio.