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Parlay Entertainment

Parlay Entertainment is one of the pioneers in developing modern online casino platforms. Although Parlay Entertainment software provides a variety of standard casino games, its core architecture revolves around the game of Bingo.

Parlay Entertainment is the very first software developer that specialized on Bingo games. No matter what type of Bingo you want to play, the software will surely have a suitable game for you. And if you want to test your skills and luck on slots and other casino table games, Parlay Entertainment can also provide hours of fun for you.

The Canadian developers of Parlay Entertainment cater to the demands of numerous online gambling sites that focus on Bingo. But the long experience of this company in the industry makes it a veteran in developing other casino games.

The Core Layout of Parlay Entertainment Software

A bonanza of Bingo special showcases the main strength of Parlay Entertainment. It offers a realistic feel for players who are attracted to large Bingo halls and modern Bingo-casino. The software layout is simply magnificent with uncluttered screen and easy to use navigation system.

First time users of Parlay Entertainment software will find it easier to locate their games through the user friendly and engaging game lobby. Game options are readily available for players while the navigation tools are highly intuitive.

Visual Quality and Audio

Like other online casinos, Parlay Entertainment provides a stunning display of colorful graphics and images. The game lobby, the Bingo rooms, and casino rooms are respectable and well designed. The graphics are not rendered in 3D but they are attractive and easy on the eyes.

One of the most unique qualities of Parlay Entertainment software is the availability of the no download option. You can play at Parley Entertainment directly from your web browser as long as you have a Flash plug-in. The games are rendered in Flash thus eliminating the need for complicated downloads. But if you want to install the software in your computer, Parlay Entertainment provides a downloadable option too. In both downloadable and web based Flash platforms, Parlay Entertainment provides the same level of excitement and entertainment for players.

Game Quality for Hours of Entertainment

Parlay Entertainment software provides more than fifty casino games aside from its numerous collections of Bingo games. This software is a Bingo player’s paradise but it also has a wide range of slot machines, table games, and specialty games.

The software of Parlay Entertainment is very stable and leaves a very small footprint in your computer. It loads fast, responds quickly to your commands, and runs the games exepetionally. The software is perfect if you love the game of Bingo but the casino games are very useful also allowing you to enjoy more gaming opportunities and varieties.

The software of Parlay Entertainment has various roulette tables. You can play American or European roulette. You can also play several variations of roulette with different table layouts and wheels. So if you are looking for an online Bingo hall that can also provide other casino games, then you should look for a virtual casino powered by Parlay Entertainment software.