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Video Poker History

Among the most popular casino games is video poker. The beginnings of video poker was inspired by the poker game itself. Aside from that, though, the birth of slot machines also contributed largely to the invention of video poker. Since video poker appeals to those who like playing Slots as well as people who are fond of poker, this game has increased in popularity in both online and land casinos.

In 1891, the Sittman and Pitt company created an early video poker machine. This machine contained five drums which contained various playing cards. The player would have to put a nickel into a slot, pull a lever, and the drums would start spinning. As the spinning stops, the drums would then divulge which cards would make up the player’s hand. These machines can be found in bars, and when players win, they usually get free cigars or drinks as prizes.

In 1898, Charles Fey, known as the proprietor of Slot machines, did improvements to the early poker machine. He created a poker machine that was able to pay the winners with cash prizes automatically. These machines typically paid out around 20 coins if a player gets a royal flush.

The Skill Draw machine was then created by Fey during 1901. What’s different about this machine is that it had a "Hold" feature. Players would spin all the drums of the Skill Draw machine and look at the results. They then have the choice of improving their hand by retaining or "Holding" one or more drums and then spinning the other drums again. The birth of the "Hold" feature remains to be an essential element in video poker machines until now. This transformed the game from being a game of chance to being a game that combines luck and skill.

During the mid-1970s, personal computers were undergoing development and enhancement. It was also during this time that video poker machines underwent more big changes. Through the advancement of technology, it became possible to combine a television-like monitor with a CPU. These machines, though, were primitive if compared to today’s standards. These machines were called as solid state machines. As improvements in technology became prevalent, various solid state machines such as horse racing and roulette were created. Dale Electronics also developed the first electronic video poker machine, which was called as the Poker-Matic.

In 1979, SIRCOMA, now known as the International Game Technology, introduced the Draw Poker machine, which features Draw and Hold capabilities. The popularity of video poker continued to increase, and to this day, video poker remains to be an appealing game to many casino goers.

Nowadays, people can even play this game online since Microgaming created online video poker. Many people have discovered that it’s convenient to play online video poker. All they need is a computer and a good Internet connection, and they can already play and enjoy this game right in the comfort Internet connection, and they can play and enjoy video poker right in the comforts of their own homes.