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Video Poker Rules

Video poker happens to be one of the most popular casino games. It combines the game of poker and the ease of use of slot machines. The good thing about playing video poker is that the outcome of your game will not be entirely dependent on chance. You will also have to think and employ some strategies in order to increase your chances of winning. This game is easy to learn, however, keep in mind that there are several varieties of video poker, and each one requires a different strategy. What may work well with one variety may not work as well in another.

To start playing, you have to insert your money into the video poker machine that you wish to play on. Take note that you must be familiar with the kind of video poker you will be playing. After you have placed your bet, push the button marked "Deal or Draw". You will then view your cards. Observe them carefully and choose which ones to keep by pushing the "hold" button under the cards you would like to keep. Make sure that you get a confirmation on the screen that states that you have successfully retained your chosen cards (there will be a flashing "hold" mark under your cards). Afterwards, press the Deal or Draw button again. Continue doing this until you have a winning combination. Once you have a winning combination, push the button marked "Cash Out" or "Credit" in order to collect your winnings. Below are the following winning combinations:

Jacks or Better

Among the five cards you have, you must have a pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces. Getting this combination is equivalent to 5 points.

Two Pair

You must have two pairs among your five cards. This combination is worth 10 points.

Three Of A Kind

Among your five cards, you must have three cards that have the same rank. This will give you 15 points.


This combination is one wherein you have 5 cards that are consecutive in rank. This kind of combination will get you 20 points.


The flush combination is one in which all the cards in your poker hand are from the same suit. This will earn you 25 points.

Full House

This combination is composed of a three of a kind and a pair. A combination like this is worth 40 points. For example, if you get two Jacks and three fives, then that counts as a full house.

Four Of A Kind

This combination is made up of four cards having the same rank. Getting this combination will give you 125 points.

Straight Flush

A straight flush is worth 250 points. To achieve this, you must have five cards of the same suit having consecutive ranks.

Royal Flush

The royal flush is the best combination one can get. This is worth a whopping 2000 points. To achieve this, you must get an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and ten, all of which should be from the same suit.