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Video Poker Variations

Video poker is now a very popular online game. It has been around since the 1970’s. It was introduced along with a machine or what you call a computerized console. However, during the 1970’s, it is not as popular compared to now. Since it is played through the use of computer, people are somehow scared to use it. Of course, the growing technology has changed all that. There are now online casinos. Playing is now made easy since you do not need to go to land-based casinos for entertainment.

Video poker is similar to playing poker by drawing five cards. In video poker, you are going to be given five cards after joining in or clicking ‘deal’ in your screen. From the cards given to you, you have the chance to retain cards you think are going to win you a hand. The other cards you did not choose are going to be replaced with the other cards still available on the deck. You win a hand by having the combination of cards you see on the pay table.

Like poker having variations, video poker has its own variations too. Actually, video poker has many variations. You can choose which of these video poker variations you would like to play.

  1. Jacks or Better. This video poker variation is the most common game variation to the people playing in casinos. Jacks or Better is simply retaining cards, which are Jacks or better. Better here means cards that are the Queens, the Kings and the Aces. This is a good game for a video poker newbie. Another good point of Jacks or Better is having low variance and a large pay back.

  2. Deuces Wild. One of the video poker variations that offer a high theoretical return is the Deuces Wild. This game variation of poker is played by having two’s in your hand. The lowest possible hand you must have in order to win is a three-of-a-kind.

  3. Jokers Wild. In this video poker variation, the Joker card is the wild card. This means that there are 53 cards on the deck including the Joker. This variation has three versions: the Two Pairs or Better, the Kings or Better and the Aces or Better.

  4. Double Bonus. This game variation is also popular like the Jacks or Better. You can win a hand in this video poker variation with a bonus if that particular hand is a four-of-a-kind and a larger bonus if that particular four-of-a-kind is actually composed of four Aces.

  5. Double Double Bonus. If you want to win a very large amount, you may want to deal in a Double Double Bonus video poker variations. This variation is an extension of the Double Bonus. You win a hand in this variation by also having a four-of-a-kind just this time with an added pay if you have kickers. Having four Aces with a kicker of 2’s, 3’s or 4’s gives you the maximum amount you can win in the game.